Charles Esterbrook's Resume
updated: July 2012
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Web Developer
Cardiac Rehab Assistant Project
July 1998 - December 1999

Volunteer web developer for Cardiac Rehab website including design, implementation and testing. Tools and technology include UNIX, Apache, HTML, CGI and Perl.

Senior Software Engineer
Orca Computer, Inc.
August 1995 - October 1998

Primary software engineer of the Visual Simulation Environment (VSE) Editor and Compiler. Responsible for design and implementation. Also, one of two senior software engineers on the Evaluator project, a software toolset for evaluating complex system designs. Development tools included NeXTSTEP/OPENSTEP Developer (now MacOS X Cocoa) (which includes ProjectBuilder, InterfaceBuilder, MallocDebug, etc.), the Purdue Compiler Construction Toolset (PCCTS) and Objective-C. Managed part time Computer Science students in testing, documentation and development.

Software Engineer
Simulation and Software Engineering Lab at Virginia Tech
September 1992 - July 1995

As a team member, designed, developed, documented and tested the Editor and Compiler for the Visual Simulation Environment (VSE). Software development tools included NeXTSTEP Developer (now Mac OS X Cocoa), lex, yacc, Objective-C and C++. This project became a "technology transfer" via a contract from the U.S. Navy resulting in the formation of Orca Computer, Inc.

Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Michigan State University
May 1992 - August 1992

Maintained and improved Smalltalk software system.
Developed genetic algorithm code in C++.

Lab Consultant
Case Center for Engineering, Michigan State University
September 1991 - April 1992

Assisted graduate students in use of UNIX workstations and networked PC's running Windows. Answered questions regarding software, hardware and accounts. Created and improved reference sheets for software products using FrameMaker desktop publisher. Trained other consultants.

Freelance Software Developer
MARTIS Systems, Inc.
May 1990 - August 1990

Obtained and successfully completed a free-lance job to design, implement, test and refine an application with a spreadsheet-like interface for sworn statement record keeping used by general contractors.

Salesperson and General Support
Computer Bay
April 1989 - August 1991

Took inventory, performed data entry, shipped packages, answered phones, solved computer problems, provided technical support, performed desktop publishing and sold computers. Most importantly: Learned people skills.

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